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Introduction of Beijing International Economic and Technical Cooperation Association


Beijing International Economic and Technical Cooperation Association was established on 18th June, 1994, which is a public organization, registered as the status of a legal person with the approval of Beijing social group administrative authority.


Association Aim: Abiding by the constitution, the laws, the regulations and the national policies, and respecting social morality; Uniting overseas economic cooperation companies with the role as a bridge link, and providing international economic and technical services; Strengthening industry self-discipline, maintaining the enterprises` legitimate rights and interests and good management order, and resolving management problems; Integrating advantageous resources and conducting diversity unity; Transforming the development mode of foreign economy, enhancing the enterprise` competitiveness, and promoting Beijing's development of foreign economy.


Since its foundation, with the supports and assistances of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and the members of the Association, keeping the pioneering and truth-seeking spirit, it provides service of high quality, actively carries out the various tasks, organizes and holds various forms of communicative and academic activities for international business cooperation, and devotes to promoting the members’ development of international business.


Currently the overseas branch offices of the members spread all over the world. The business includes project contracting, labor dispatching and investment, and related industries cover project construction, energy, transportation, communication, real estate, radio and television, culture and medicine, etc.


In the future, the association will fully play the function of a platform, carrier, bonding and radiation effect, explore and combine new path of "Going-Out", boost Beijing enterprises` international development, realize Beijing enterprises diversity unity in the process of "Going-Out", build a platform and bridge for the joint fleet of Beijing "Going-Out" enterprises and form the carrier and platform for promoting enterprises to carry out the international business.








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